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Design of Experiments with MINITAB
Paul Mathews
ASQ Quality Press, 2004
ISBN 0-87389-637-8.
DOE with MINITAB cover

Most of the classic DOE books were written before DOE software was generally available, so the technical level that they assumed was that of the engineer or scientist who had to write his or her own analysis software. In this practical introduction to DOE, guided by the capabilities of the common software packages, Paul Mathews presents the basic types and methods of designed experiments appropriate for engineers, scientists, quality engineers, and Six Sigma Black Belts and Master Black Belts. Although instructions in the use of MINITAB are detailed enough to provide effective guidance to a new MINITAB user, the book is still general enough to be very helpful to users of other DOE software packages. Every chapter contains many examples with detailed solutions including extensive output from MINITAB.

Contents: Download Contents of the CD:  The following material is distributed on the CD packaged with the book and is reproduced here with permission from ASQ Quality Press:

Translation into R:
The following links provide the R code and the code plus solutions, respectively, for the example problems from the book.

Translations Into Other Programs:
In anticipation of criticism that the book is too heavily focused on MINITAB - in our opinion, not true! - we are translating the instructions and examples given in the book from MINITAB into the languages and terms of other software programs. These translations will be provided here, on line. Currently, we are working on the translation into NCSS, however, we will take on other such translations to support our training activities as they become necessary. Please understand that we cannot afford to purchase and invest the time required to prepare translations for every program.

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