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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course

Course Description:
Our Lean Six Sigma Black Belt course is organized differently from most other LSSBB courses. Other courses strictly follow the DMAIC process but that organization of the material does not introduce the various methodologies of Lean Six Sigma in logical order. (For example, process capability/performance measures are usually introduced in Measure but SPC comes much later in Control.) Our LSSBB course is set up in modules that present the technical material in a clear and logical order. Then all of the methods are brought together in an intense course that focuses on Lean Six Sigma project management. Another benefit of the modular organization of the material is that students who already have expertise in some Lean Six Sigma methods can skip certain modules and take only the ones that they need.
    Our LSSBB course modules are shown below. The number of hours shown are recommendations and add up to more than the usual 160 hours of a typical LSSBB course. The amount of time allocated to each topic
can be adjusted to meet the customer's specific needs but we recommend that the allocation match the requirements of American Society for Quality's Certified Six Sigma Black Belt Body of Knowledge document. Students who complete the course are strongly encouraged to pursue certification as an ASQ Certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

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