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Measurement Systems Analysis and Gage Error Studies

Course Description:
This course presents an introduction to measurement systems analysis and gage error studies. The class starts with a review of basic statistical concepts, then proceeds to discussions of calibration to establish measurement accuracy and gage error studies to evaluate measurement reproducibility and repeatability. The fundamental concepts and methods of gage error studies are presented using the most common gage error study design - the operator by part crossed design. Nested designs, gage error short studies, designs with two or more sources of reproducibility, and studies with attribute responses are also presented. Different methods of interpreting gage error study results, such as relative to part variation and part tolerance, are also discussed.

Who Should Take This Course: This course is intended for technicians and engineers who are responsible for designing, executing, analyzing, and interpreting gage error studies in their organizations. The course is above the technical level of most shop floor operators.

Prerequisite: It is recommended that students have completed a quality engineering statistics course but students with strong shop math skills and practical experience applying statistical methods in quality engineering situations will also be able to complete the class successfully.

Course Format: The course requires a total of twelve (12) classroom hours.

Software: Use of statistical software (such as MINITAB) that can design and analyze gage error studies is highly recommended.

Course Outline:

Review of Basic Statistics Concepts  
Introduction to Measurement Systems Analysis
    Choice of Measurement Instrument

    Calibration for Accuracy



        Topical Errors

    Gage Error Studies for Precision




Gage Error Studies

    Variable Gage Short Studies

    Variable Gage Long Studies
    Gage Studies for Destructive Measurements
    Gage Studies for Nested Designs

    Attribute Studies


Gage Error Study Administration

    Identifying GR&R Study Projects

    Designing the GR&R Study

    Writing the Study Proposal

    Running the Study

    Data Analysis

    Interpreting the Results

    Reporting the GR&R Study


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